Angel Readings & Messages Of Light


Angel readings are a special form of communication and are done via internet call with a recording for your review. I offer 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minute sessions depending on your needs. During this session, I connect with your Guardian Angels and Archangels to deliver to you guidance, healing and communication from them! I look forward to working with you!

Angel Guidance:

  • What is your life path and what areas in your life are in need of healing.
  • Answers to questions about your career and business.
  • Etheric cord cutting, releasing old wounds from past lives and releasing karma are all part of this session.
  • Angel Medicine for bringing about healing on a deep emotional and spiritual level.
  • Increased communication with your Angels.
Your Angels have great wisdom and healing they wish to impart to you. Many times, as humans we do not know how to decipher their messages and their guidance goes unheard and fall on deaf ears. Which is why it is important to have Angel communication sessions on a regular basis. 
Your Angels want only for your joy and happiness. Life does not have to be difficult in order to live on this planet. During this session, Mirna will also expand your awareness of your Angels and clear out any energies that may be hindering you from moving forward. She does this through the grace and power of her Angelic team with love and compassion.

“I believe in the Divine, angels and the beauty of Ms. Mirna! If you haven’t had a reading with her….i am telling you….your missing something great! My angels sent me notes to study and improve upon and YES our session was insightful, inspirational and encouraging. I am sending lots of light and love to those who need a huggie and Ms. Mirna you are heavy in my heart (wink) for your beautiful time spent with me…..thank you so much! Cant wait to share this with my baby girl…..peace, love and light!” Cynthia


“If you have been searching for someone who can connect to your Guardian Angels and give you the answers to some, if not, all of your unspoken questions then Mirna’s Angel readings are for you. My reading was the most accurate and inspiring for me, that I have ever been the recipient of. Thank you. I love the Angelic Encounters with Mirna newsletter, so when the opportunities arise for a reading as “Leo is in the New Moon” and being a Leo how could I resist? The messages I received from the reading were the most accurate and “so me” that I have had. Thank you for such an insightful and personally inspirational reading.” The Leo from Summer Hill NSW Leesa Sydney Australia


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Monthly Coaching With Your Angels To Keep You On Your Life Path Available!

Angel Reading Sessions

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