About Mirna


Celebrity Psychic Angel Medium

My love for the Angels stems beyond time. The “Call” of the Angels came to me so strongly a decade ago, that it could not be ignored.

My purpose in this lifetime is to teach others about the Angels. This serves a great purpose for humanity, for when you walk with your Angels by your side, you become a great source of Light for this planet and humanity.

The Angels wish to interact with all souls of this planet for the betterment and ascension of the human race. Many know not of Angels and how to call on these winged emissaries for healing, guidance and protection.

Angels are nondenominational and not religious. They only serve God at the highest form of Love Divine Love is the most powerful healer and is the energy the Angels carry and are made from.

To experience your Angels on this deep level is an incredible experience. You are left with a feeling of euphoria and bliss. All fears are washed away and you are left knowing that all will be ok.

This is why I have my Online Angel University. To teach the language of the Angels to as many souls as possible. To spread their messages of love and guidance. To help others to heal and transform to their best version of the self.

Seek higher learning, seek your Angels and learn more about these intelligent, powerful Angels that walk beside you. You will never be the same after you learn to communicate with your Guardians.

As an empath and clairsentient her entire life, Mirna has a special gift for receiving messages from The Angels. The Angels have been Mirna’s teachers and imparted great wisdom, healing and protection throughout her life.

She now passes that gift on to you through her readings, both in the form of verbal as well as energetic frequencies. When you receive a message through Mirna, with your permission, you will also receive an energetic healing, cutting cords of fear and releasing past life karma.

She will help you make that shift into the next phase of your life with ease and grace. As part of your session, she will call in specific Angels to be by your side for added protection, healing and guidance. She will also, upon your request give you a prescription for specific healing crystals to aid you in your current situation and future endeavors.

Mirna is the Visionary of her own Online Angel University and holds certifications as a Psychic, a Channel, a Medium, a Crystal Therapist, A Reiki Master/Teacher and Yoga Instructor to highlight a few. She has been of service as a healer and teacher throughout the Southern California region and maintains a private practice as well. She teaches Angel workshops and tours throughout the country and is available for speaking engagements, as her Angels have much to say!     

Mirna is the founder of the Angelic Intelligence Practitioner Certification Program. Through the guidance of her Angels, she created a 28 week course available to anyone who has access to a computer. This has been years in the making and will soon be available as a DVD Home Study Program.

“I am excited for you and the path that awaits you! do not allow fear to keep you from the life you came here to live. We all need a little help sometimes and you need not be disempowered anymore, beloved!”

Radio Show host of Angelic Encounters with Mirna