Angel Energies For The Week Of November 2 – 8


Angel Energies for this first week of November, bring with them great promise. The Angels speak of taking action in your lives. One cannot simply pray and then sit around doing nothing.  One must then trust that the Angels are opening the doors for your prayers, but you must walk through them.

You are asked to keep your eyes and ears open for signs of what step to take next. You will be guided to the right person, location, job or action step to move you in the direction you wish to go. Understand, however, that at times what we ask for is not for our highest good. When this is the case you may notice that nothing happens. This only means that God and the Angels have something much better in store for you and you are asked to step back and be in a place of allowing.

November is a powerful month where movement can be fast and opportunities blessed. We have left behind October and the many intense energies from Class X Solar Flares, Mercury Retrograde and Energy Portals washing the Earth. All of these can tax our energy bodies and leave us feeling physically tired and confused, with so much going on.

The Angels ask you to actively pursue and go after that job you want or the home you wish to purchase. The time is now for creating with the Angels and putting it into action. Take steps daily and you will hit your target with your Angels by your side. They remind us to enjoy the ride and not just the destination. To be more present in our daily lives and enjoy the simple daily treasures. For when you are in a state of joy and gratitude you can create so much more quickly!

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Blessings and Gods Love Unto You!

Mirna AIPT

Psychic Angel Medium