Angel Messages For December 7th – 13th

This week Angel Tribe,

The Angels gather in full force as the holidays are upon us. They ask that you open your hearts to receive their messages of love and hope. They ask that we keep this time simple and to keep our sights focused on what we have and not on what we do not have or cannot give to others.

​Our love is a gift to others and in the end all that matters. We are the gift! Not the material items we place in colorful boxes under the tree. They ask you to place more love in your own value. Yes, you matter and have great purpose here. Do not think yourself insignificant or unloveable. Remember that it begins with you and if you do not value yourself then how can someone else.

​Stay focused on the joy and laugh often as this raises your vibration and clears out those blocks in our energy. Call on Archangel Michael several times a day to clear out those fear thoughts and worries and you will feel amazing within minutes!

​Slow down they say to be present in your daily activities and surround yourself with beautiful music and cheer this season. I personally love Christmas music and have been listening to it since November, just because one month of it a year is not enough for me.

I wish you blessings of great love and abundance this week and remind you that going after what you want is necessary. Just watch for the signs from the Angels and take one step at a time to get there.
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Remember that the Angels Believe in You, even when you do not believe in yourself! Their love for you is Divine Love, which we as humans do not even have the capacity to understand. They walk with you all the days of your life, awaiting your requests for help and protection. When you are sternly attracted to the Angels, it is a call to work with them further to assist humanity in ascending.

Our lives are not perfect, but as we walk through our own struggles we are able to assist others in doing the same and together as a tribe we will achieve our goals and have great growth and healing.

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May your weekend be blessed with rest, play and laughter!


Gods’ Love Unto You,

Mirna AIPT

Psychic Angel Medium