Angelic Energies For The Week Of October 19th – 25th


The Archangel Gabriel Messages


Blessings of Light we send unto you…… As the seasons change all around your Earth, so to do you! This week is still a time of taking it slow and filling your time with more quiet activities. Your hearts as a collective are opening more with each passing of your lunar cycles. Your energy bodies continue to grow and expand and this at times, can cause you physical symptoms. You would call this growing pains and that is what they are. You are growing into a bigger and greater version of yourself.

It can be uncomfortable to grow into more of yourself. We, the Angels understand that fear can hold you back unnecessarily and we remind you that it is important at this time to focus only on that which you wish to create. Many of you continue to create and attract negative situations into your life because of your thoughts of worry and lack. This is an old paradigm that no longer serves you.

Your mental bodies within your energy fields are in a process of review, caused by the alignment of the planets in your solar system. You know this as Mercury Retrograde, a time of going inward and processing what you have experienced and learned over the last quarter of your year. You may notice that your thoughts go back to past experiences and analyzing. Be in this space for this week and continue to let go of old clutter in your mind, life and home to clear space for the new energies which will be entering your Earth next week.

Remember to be only Love….the Angelic Ones


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