Archangel Gabriel Angel of Communication

This is the beautiful Angel sigil of Archangel Gabriel <3 It is great for placing on your Angel Altars, meditating on it or even placing crystals to attune them to the energy of Archangel Gabriel <3 Gabriel is perhaps one of the most well known Angels. This Angel is known for delivering the news to the Virgin Mary that she was to give birth to a son. She is known as the Angel to call if you are having fertility issues, or wish to protect your pregnancy. She watches over woman and children and is very nurturing. Gabriel also dictated to Mohammed, a well known book called the Koran. She is known in many different religions. Delivering messages is, but one of this Angels specialty. She is well known as, “The Messenger Angel.” Her name means, “God is my Strength.” Many know her to be of a feminine essence and also as a masculine essenArchangel Gabriel Sigilce. I know Gabriel in the feminine essence when I discovered her presence in the middle of my home one morning. Her transparent energy two stories high, dancing in the light of the morning sun. Holding a loving space within my home. ©

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