Are You A Warrior of The Light!

Archangel Michael

You may be asking yourself, “What is a Warrior of Light?”


Do they have swords? Do they battle? Do they get hurt? The answer to all of these questions is YES!

Warrior is but a word for someone who is passionate about a cause and “Light” is a word for goodness, integrity and doing what is right. So again I ask you, “Are you a Warrior of the Light?” Most if not all of you will say, “Yes!”

How often have you stood up for a cause or something that you felt in your heart to be right?

How often have you been judged by others for doing what was right when others looked the other way?

How often do you seek to be the change that this world is in so desperate need of?

You are not alone. We are a collective, a tribe of Light Workers all around the world that are here at this time to bring about this change, one step at a time. Together our strength is untouchable and change is imminent.

I can and have seen it growing in momentum across our planet. Change comes more quickly and those with old programming resist and I respect that. Slowly they too will change their minds and remove those blinders when they are ready in their own time.

We all grow at our own pace, but we do grow and this wave of Light that washes over our planet Terra(aka Earth). God sends his upgrades of DNA Activations that awaken dormant abilities within us, through the SUN.

The Suns rays of light carry within them a full spectrum of colors which are encryption of codes that continue to feed our auras with new activations. They feed us with knowledge, wisdom, health and beyond human understanding.

The Suns rays feed us on so many levels and is life itself. So the next time you stand in the sun for a little while know that you are charging your aura and receiving ancient knowledge into your being and it will be stored within you into every cell of your being.

As a Light Warrior your heart calls to you to find those of like mind to connect with. This is important, for so often we can feel alone and isolated, but your Angels never leave your side. Ask your Angels to connect you with other Light Workers so that you can work together for the betterment of humanity.

Make this year your best yet by going after what you seek!

Gods’ Love Unto You…..


Mirna AIPT