Crystal Encounters

This beautiful healing session is done through the use of earths sacred crystals.

crystal_rockCrystals come from mother earth and as such, they have and hold a powerful healing component to them. They have been used since the times of Atlantis, in the healing temples and is an ancient practice. Crystals are used around the world for healing and balancing the chakras, aura and energy system of the body. Crystals contain an energetic frequency to them, called piezoelectricity. They are powerful healers, clearers and protectors and have a life force to them as well. Even water is liquid crystal and so is 70% of your body.

To receive a Crystal Encounters Session, involves laying on a massage table. The session is 1 hour and crystals are placed on and around the body at various points, for the purpose of bringing back into alignment the energy system of the body, clearing the auric field, removing pain and healing past life karma. One is left feeling deeply relaxed, revitalized and must experience a session on a regular basis for continued release of any deep seeded issues. I recommend monthly sessions for soul progression and ascension.

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