Michaelmas, The Feast of Saint Michael

Archangel Michael1



is known as the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel. It is also known as The Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. This day falls on September 29th, near the equinox and is associated with the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere.

Archangel Michael is therefore known as the Angel of Autumn and ushers in my favorite season of the year! It is a time of Releasing, Healing and Purification.

Michael, the Prince of Light can assist you in anything that you are wanting to release. This can be negative thoughts, fears, smoking, drinking, behavior patterns and anything else you wish to let go of. It is also a time of again clearing out all clutter in your home.

Have you called this benevolent Angel into your life? You need only ask and he will be with you, guiding and protecting you. It is his joy to be of service unto you!

In honor of Michaelmas, now through September 29th, I am offering a 1 Hour Michaelmas Reading and Healing Phone Session! I can feel his presence even stronger as this time nears. His messages and clearings during this time seem to be even more powerful. The heat signature that emanates from him during this session is palpable.

Schedule your 1 Hour Session Now Through September 29th for a very Special Reading and Clearing and you will feel a shift in your life. Fears can be lifted, emotional pain can be released and healing can take place on all levels. Are you ready to feel better and hear his words of wisdom as they pertain to your life?

Michael always speaks from a place of Divine Love and does not criticize or judge you. He understands how difficult it is to live on this planet. He sees our souls as beautiful lights, something that we cannot even see about ourselves at times.

You can pay for your session here and we can schedule your time at your convenience from anywhere around the world. I also recommend drinking plenty of water before and during our session together to connect you more closely with your Angels.

These Special Sessions book quickly, so don’t wait too long to schedule yours! Blessings of Love….

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