Psychic Development Class


4 Week Psychic Development 101 Class Online

Learn How To Access Your Psychic Abilities

Begins Tuesday, June 24th 2014 7pm pst

Class Tuition is $444 or Sign Up For Early Enrollment And Save!

This course is live online world wide and can be taken from any computer.

A strong internet connection and headset are all that are required to take this course.

We all have this ability and we all use it on a daily basis. Most people however, are unaware they do so. Others are very talented and it comes naturally and then there are those who wish to increase and master this ability. Even if you already know this information, when you step into this class, you will find your abilities strengthening and becoming more precise.

As a Mystic and life long empath I have studied and honed these skills. I enjoy teaching others how to do the same. It takes effort on your part and some practice and also getting out of your head. I have designed a 4 week course to put you on this path to open and strengthen your psychic abilities!

Week 1

Learn about the energy bodies, the aura and how to maintain your energy field. Everything is energy and learning how to read energy is the basis of being psychic. Meditation is a part of this curriculum and I will take you through meditation to clear and balance your energy field. You will learn techniques for scanning, healing, maintaining, clearing and protecting your light body.

Week 2

Learn about the 7 chakras and their roles in our bodies. These energy centers in our bodies have a function, color, sound and speed of their own. Through meditation and practice we will discover how they are working in your body and align them to keep them in sync. Balancing chakras increases your energy and heightens your psychic abilities.

Week 3

Learn about the 4 Clairs and receive Activations to further enhance your psychic abilities. Claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudiance are the major channels we use to harness psychic energy and translate into information. Learn which is your strongest clair and how to use it.

 Week 4

Learn how to put it all together and access your psychic gifts. As we continue to use this psychic muscle you will notice new levels of awareness. In this final class through meditation I will guide you to meet your Angels and Guides and receive messages from them and further instruction.

During each of these classes you will experience energy shifts and openings as you open your self up to higher levels of awareness. All teachings are done in the Light and assist you in raising your vibration and health.

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