Welcome, this site is dedicated to the Angelic Ones

Mirna's AngelsA collective group of Angels that are here to spread a message of truth and assist in the evolution of the planet and its people at this point in time. Through Mirna, the channel they speak, they teach and they heal. For the process of ascension is well underway and so many seek guidance and healing at this time.

These Emissaries of Light were created by the Divine just for you the human race. For when one incarnates each lifetime, one forgets that we come from source. Each lifetime is a process of self discovery and mastery and can be difficult. Know that you are not alone and never have been. Your Angels have a deep and Divine love for you, as you are their charge.

So even if you do not believe in Angels, it matters not, for they believe in you!

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My Guardian Angel

Our Guardian Angels have been with us since before our birth. We have never not been in the company of these beautiful …